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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an investment-aligned activity that helps to establish whether relevant assets are sound for the purposes of investment, identify any risks inherent in the transaction or asset, and mitigate these where possible.


We assist investors in analysing the legal, factual, and regulatory issues associated with the relevant transaction. Thereby, we provide investors with key information to decide whether to proceed.  Issues arising from our services frequently impact the viability of a transaction, the price paid for the property, or other material terms.


We often conduct "health checks" on the physical condition of the property and any buildings located on it. This typically comprises reports on structural, measurement, planning, and environmental risks.  


Eden performs factual and legal investigations, research, analysis and discovery into the relevant borrower, asset, sponsor and other principal parties typically undertaken by a prospective buyer, lender, or investor prior to entering into a transaction.  Clients often require assistance with analysis of the investment business case, cost projections, appraisals and cash-flow forecasts, physical inspections of properties, valuation of the properties. In limited circumstances, we can assist, in conjunction with our local partners, with corporate purchases. 



Investment Partner

The UK is a dynamic and attractive option for property and business investors.  Eden goes beyond providing investment advisory services and explores investment opportunities with international investors as joint venture partners through the establishment of special investment vehicles tailored to the specific needs of each investment opportunity.

Our understanding of the local market is our value added.  We move quickly navigate through local planning and permit protocols and facilitate development finance where necessary.


Taking the process beyond due diligence, Eden acts as development manager taking control of the implementation process including the management of land acquisitions through to project delivery and post-construction facilities management.

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