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Commercial Management

Tendering / Bidding

By performing detailed reviews of bid documents and through using benchmarking data effectively, Eden can identify key commercial risks before it is too late.  

It is also key that our clients' obligations are aligned throughout the entire supply chain to ensure a smooth operation of the works and to avoid or at least minimise conflict and disputes.


The manner in which a project is structured at the outset will have a lasting impact on the final outcome. 

Understanding the local supply chain, using the appropriate pre-qualification methods as well as understanding local laws and regulations must be considered when establishing any procurement strategy. 

Cost Control

Cost control is an ongoing process that must be approached in a transparent and simple manner.  It depends on a team work approach where communication is vital for success. 

We provide assistance with budgeting, cost modeling, variation valuation and reporting, cash flow analytics as well as regular internal and external cost reporting covering the pre and post contract project phases.

Change Management

Change management and cost control go hand-in-hand.  Eden develops and implements strategies to monitor design-creep through the project lifecycle. 


Eden also formulates strategies that assist teams to easily capture change through the formal variation procedure or as contractual claims.

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Dispute Resolution Support

Amicable Negotiation, Adjudication & Arbitration

Despite having entered into a seemingly watertight and clear contractual arrangement, project events invariably give rise for claims.


It is imperative that each situation is addressed with care and that all relevant information is recorded and collated in the appropriate manner.


Our professional advisors consult on any dispute, for employers or contractors, which stem from construction projects including:

  • Extension of time claims

  • Claims for variations

  • Loss and expense claims arising out of delayed or disrupted work

  • Claims by employers for defective works

  • Claims by employers for penalties or liquidated damages resulting from delays to completion

  • Claims by contractors or subcontractors

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Under Construction

Project Management

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Project Management

From project inception, through to hand-over, Eden offers a fully integrated suite of project management services. 


The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives within the project constraints including scope, time, and budget. 


Our teams take this further and aim to optimise the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

Design Management

Design management sets out to develop and maintain an environment in which a project can achieve its strategic goals through design by establishing and managing an efficient and effective system. 

Eden's design management capability is comprehensive as our teams contribute at operational through to strategic levels.  This ensures that the design is implemented in an efficient and coordinated manner. 

By formulating design management strategies, Eden understands that the design management process is fundamental to delivering a successful project.

Programme / Schedule Management

Scheduling a project is instrumental in project control but is also a key tool for all parties to a project in managing expectations as well as recording achievements at any given point affecting cost and productivity disciplines. 

We take the necessary steps to ensure the correct programme/ scheduling deliverables are being executed in accordance with contract obligations as well meeting our client's internal business needs.

As an independent consultant we provide invaluable assistance to your project by assuring that there is no conflict of interest involved with the various project departments (from engineering, procurement, construction etc.).

Risk Management

Eden has developed a number of risk management solutions that meet a diverse set of customer needs. Our services enable clients to convert opportunities into tangible rewards by providing a distinct strategy to identify, value, and mitigate risks tailored to the specific project needs.


A comprehensive risk identification process is vital. Eden’s risk management process entails identifying key construction exposures, then formulating and communicating an effective program to mitigate the potential for loss.

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